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Fall 2015 Student Library Employee Mass Hiring/On-Boarding Process

Policy/Procedure Changes

2015 Fall Hiring Information 

The fall hiring this year is a joint effort with Library Human Resources and Campus Shared Services (CSS).    

Normally, during the fall hiring there are over 200 students hired.  To ensure a smooth hiring process for the student and the student supervisors, the on-boarding process (normally handled at Evans Hall) will be provided on site.  The process for the student supervisors will remain the same as it is currently. Soon after, the student supervisor informs of their chosen applicant, the student will receive an email from CSS with one of the many options for on-boarding in the Library.  

The students will choose the on-boarding session that works for them.  They can attend one of the onsite sessions or one of the many sessions at Evans Hall.  

At the on-boarding session, the student will receive a form (CSS On-boarding Status Form) that tells the supervisor that the paperwork is either complete or is still pending.  Library supervisors are asked NOT to allow the student to work until the paperwork has been completed and the student has provided the updated status form (indicating completion) to the supervisor.  

You can help by:

  • Explaining during the interview that you would like the student hired to complete their on-boarding process as soon as possible or give them a tentative start date.
  • When the student reports to you after the on-boarding process, obtain the CSS on-boarding status form from the student.

CalTime reminders:

  • ALL students need to transfer in to the appropriate friendly name when clocking in, every time, even if they only have one job.  If this does not happen, supervisors will not be able to see that student in CalTime and other campus jobs will be charged to the Library.
  • Until you see the student in CalTime (up to a week) all hours worked must be filled out on the CSS paper timesheet (link below).  Please do not use the old Library paper timesheet.  ​
  • If students are not able to clock in or if you cannot see them in CalTime by the end of the pay period, please submit the paper timesheet to  by 4pm on the supervisor sign off date.  If you are able to see the student in CalTime you should enter the hours in CalTime.
  • Check all of your students’ hours carefully; if you see hours for a day that they were not scheduled in your department, they may have worked in another campus job.  Please contact, with this information and Rebecca Navarro, CSS-HR Payroll, will research those hours.

If you have questions regarding the on-boarding process, please feel free to contact Shamika Jones at or Colette Arreguin at  For questions regarding student employment contact Judy Deliramich at 3-8479 or