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Library Student employee pay increases effective 8/16/15

Policy/Procedure Changes

Effective August 16, 2015, the Library Student base pay rate and work leader rate will increase for existing students as well as new hires from $10.60/$12.00 to $13.00/$14.50, respectively, and the rate for graduate students will increase from $14.01 to $14.50.  Existing students will be paid for the next pay period (8/2-8/15/15) at their current rates and new hires prior to 8/16/15 will be hired at the current rate and then move into the new rates which will be entered into their HR records.

Please note:  Effective 7/31/15, students who are hired in a dual rated position will NOT have the dual rating available until the August 16, 2015 effective date.  Please do not schedule any new hires to work as a work leader during that time.