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Major Enhancements to the LAS Site!

Site Updates/New Features

We have released various enhancements to the dashboard and travel request system. As our site develops, we'll release weekly updates. Here's a list of this week's site enhancements:

Naming/Navigation within the Travel Request System

  • Updated names for brevity and clarity:
    • “Travel/Training/Development Request” form to “Travel Pre-approval Request”
    • “Travel/Training/Development Reimbursement” form to “Travel Expense Report”
    • “Workflow” tab to “Approvals”
    • “Require Revision” button to “Return to Requestor”
    • “Request ___ Approval” button to “Submit” (to route the request to the next step in the approval process)
  • Adjusted “My Travel Expense Reports” to display past expense reports for your records
  • Removed unnecessary features and department terminology to streamline user experience

Travel Pre-approval Request and Travel Expense Report

  • Improved instructions for recording rental car information and ground transportation expenses
  • Added $0.00 as the default amount to empty fields and a feature to hide unused sections to clarify recorded expenses and reduce visual clutter
  • Refined language on form buttons to clarify editing options and routing functions
  • Reformatted titles to more easily identify requests
  • Revised confirmation messages to be specific to the action completed
  • Added general instructions and help-text throughout forms regarding travel policy and site features
  • Added mileage calculator for personal car expenses in the Travel Pre-approval Request Form


  • Added “Announcements” section to keep users informed of site enhancements, scheduled site maintenance, updates to policies and procedures, and upcoming trainings.