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NOTE: As of August 15th, Exhibits and Signage are now a part of the Library's Communications Office. A website for the Communications Office is forthcoming.

  • What are Library exhibits?

    Library exhibits in the Doe and Moffitt Libraries at UC Berkeley are designed to engage students, faculty, staff, and visitors. As a direct link to our academic collections and Library programs, exhibits works in conjunction with campus events, scholarly meetings, faculty ceremonies, and other campus community events.

  • Where do the exhibit materials come from?

    The Library’s principal interest in exhibit presentations is to foster communication and interests in our diverse collections; allowing students, visitors, faculty, and staff to gain access to the content and resources provided by the University Library.

  • Can I make a proposal for an exhibit?

    Yes, you may submit your proposal using the exhibit Proposal Form. For detailed information about exhibits, refer to the Exhibits Manual.

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