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Independent Contractors

Independent Contractor Defined: An individual or entity that performs a specific service for the UC based on a set price, pursuant to a scope of work and deliverables set by the UC.

Consult with Lynn Tran for any services over $100,000 as they may require competition by law.

Examples of Independent Contractor services:

  • Secretarial, drafting, technical editing, and technical appraisals
  • Medicine and medical arts, architectural and engineering services
  • Printing services, translation, and web design

How to hire an Independent Contractor:

  1. Use the following form in BearBuy: “Independent Contractor and Consultant Services”.
  2. The unit should attach the following required PO Documents to the Form as directed in BearBuy:
    Required documents from the Department:

    Required documents from the Supplier:

  3. Other Considerations:
    • Services Performed on UC Property: Determine the amount of services that will be performed by the Supplier on campus.
    • See Special Considerations for additional potential issues.

For more information, see Finance Bulletin: BFS-BUS-77 Independent Contractor Guidelines and BFS-BUS-43 Materiel Management.

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