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Insurance Requirement

University policy requires service providers to have insurance based on the scope of work to be provided and minimum coverages and meet the following requirements as stated in the UC Terms and Conditions of Purchase, Article 9

Insurance certificates issued to the University should name "The Regents of the University of California" as an additional insured and include the required insurance limits as indicated in the contract or agreement.

Required levels of insurance vary with the type of goods or services supplied. Please refer to the vendor Matrix Standard Minimum Insurance limit. Standard minimum insurance requirements are:

Commercial General Liability
Each Occurrence $1,000,000
Products/Completed Operations Aggregate $2,000,000
Personal and Advertising Injury $1,000,000
General Aggregate $2,000,000
Workers' Compensation as required by California State Law
Workers' Compensation is required if a supplier has any employees. If a supplier does not have any employees then the supplier is exempt from this requirement.
Business Auto Liability
Business Auto Liability is required when a vendor is operating a vehicle on university premises for purposes other than commuting. $1,000,000 (combined single limit)
Professional Liability
Each Occurrence $2,000,000
Aggregate $2,000,000
Professional Liability policies are designed to cover errors and omissions and the failure to render professional services. Therefore Professional Liability is appropriate for actuaries, architects, engineers, physicians, lawyers, environmental consultants, printing, management consulting, appraisers and other professionals.

While these standard levels of insurance cover most risks, the scope of work should be reviewed to determine whether any other specific forms of insurance coverage are needed. For example, if access to particularly sensitive data is required, campus requires Privacy, Technology and Data Security Liability, Cyber Liability, or Technology Professional Liability, as outlined in article 13 though many professional liability policies may already include some coverage for privacy and/or data breaches.

Waiving the insurance requirements in contracts is permitted under specific circumstances - if the contract is under $4,999 and is for either a campus speaking engagement or copy editing, assistance to a disabled individual, or translating presentations in real time.  Additional information about University insurance requirements and processes is outlined

Campus has an Insurance Program for Suppliers who don’t already have coverage and insurance can be obtained through Mercer for a one-time event (music performances) or issued as a one-year blanket policy.

Please contact the Library Purchasing Unit at with any questions or guidance about vendor insurance requirements.

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