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Printing Services

Contracted Suppliers: none

Printing Services

  • Design and Layout Services only - Complete a BearBuy Independent Contractor/Consulting Form and attach all of the required documentation.
  • Printing (can also include design and layout) - Complete a BearBuy Amount Only Form. These goods and services are taxable.
  • Print – Mail House (bulk rate) – Complete a BearBuy Service Order Form. No sales tax will be charged when using this form.
  • For all of the above forms, add to a Shopping Cart and route according to the departmental workflow.

Relevant Policy/Procedures:

  • Note the differences in taxability based on the types of goods or services. For more information, refer the California State Board of Equalization.
  • If design or printing is going to include the use of University logos, refer to the University of California Use of Trademark Policy. Also visit the Business Contracts and Brand Protection for more information.
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