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Direct Entry: Campus Reimbursement System


Prior to creating a reimbursement request, you are required to complete the pre-approval process in the Library Travel System. When you return from your from your trip, please visit Procedures for Funding Approval Requests and review the table to determine your next step. Based on the type of expenses you have, find the reporting method that meets your needs. If your situation requires you to use the Campus Reimbursement System, please follow the instructions below. For help navigating the system, here is a  step-by-step guide on how to enter your expenses.

  1. Please go to the Campus Reimbursement System and create a report. With the exception of airfare, do not include any direct billed expenses in this report.
  2. On the "Totals" page, please leave the Expense Distribution Chart Strings section blank. (You will see a message that warns you, “Please note that you have not charged all of your expenses to chart strings”; please click “OK.”)
  3. On the “Submit” page, upload all required documents by clicking “Upload receipts and backup.” When you are finished, click "Save this report, return to Main Menu."
  4. The report you create will be assigned a Report ID (TRV000xxxxxx) in the Campus Reimbursement System. Please copy that number and paste it in the "Comment to Approver" field in your Library Expense Report.
  5. Click ‘“Submit.”
  6. Submitting the Library Expense Report alerts an LBS analyst that your request is ready for processing. The analyst will review the report, complete the chartstring information, retrieve your certification signature, and submit* your request for reimbursement. *Submit your expenses within 30 days of completion of travel or professional development activity. You will receive your payment the same way you receive your salary.
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