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How to Book a Flight for Yourself through Connexxus

  1. Complete a Library Travel Pre-approval Request Form prior to your trip. If you would like to directly bill your airfare to the Library, check the appropriate box on the form.
  2. Once completed and submitted, your form will be routed in the system to receive all necessary approvals.
  3. If you checked the box to direct bill your airfare, you will receive an email from LBS containing a Direct Bill ID. You will provide your Direct Bill ID when you book your flight through Connexxus.
  4. Explore flight options on Connexxus. If you have not set up your Connexxus profile, follow these instructions. To access a list of Connexxus agency service fees, click "Why Connexxus" on the navigation bar. Click "Partner Programs," and under "BCD travel" you will find a link to the list of service fees.
    1. In most cases, you should book your flight through Connexxus using the BCD portal. Booking options in Connexxus Visit the Business Resource Center and you will find the BCD Quick Reference Guide at the top of the right-hand column. Please note that entering anything in the "Comments for the Travel Agent" field in BCD Travel online will incur a higher transaction fee.
    2. For complex flights, call a UC Travel Center (UCTC) agent at 1-800-235-UCLA (8252). State fares are a good option if you are booking a last minute flight (within 7 days) or if you need a refundable ticket. Dedicated travel agents are available Monday through Friday 8 am-12 noon, 1 pm-5 pm PT. After Hours and Emergency Assistance is available at the same number; a higher transaction fee will apply. State fares are no longer available through the Travel Center.
  5. Retain the receipt.
  6. Within 30 days of completing your trip, record your actual expenses on your Travel Expense Report to be submitted with your receipts to LBS. This step is required even if you are not claiming any additional reimbursement.

Please note:

  • A Direct Bill ID for a particular trip cannot be reused for another trip.
  • Registration for travel insurance is automatic when you book your flight through BCD Travel or UCTC.

Please review this flowchart and this comparison table to learn more about the process of booking a flight and the options available. If you have questions, please contact LBS.

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