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Recurrent Local Travel

If you travel short distances regularly, you may submit a single Travel Pre-approval Request for multiple trips for up to one fiscal year and aggregate your estimated expenses per month or thirty day period.

To submit your recurrent local travel expenses for reimbursement, please go to the Campus Reimbursement System and create a report monthly. Please submit the campus TRV number and any required receipts to LBS via email at For reference, please include ‘Recurrent Local Travel’ and your pre-approval number in the subject line of the email.

University policy on mileage reimbursement: “Mileage shall ordinarily be computed between the traveler's headquarters and the common carrier or destination. Expenses for travel between the traveler's residence and headquarters (commuting expense) shall not be allowed. However, mileage expenses may be allowed between the traveler's residence and the common carrier or destination if University business travel originates or terminates during a regularly scheduled day off. Also, if an employee who is not on travel status has a temporary assignment away from campus, reimbursement shall be made for mileage expenses incurred between the campus and the assignment location, or home and the assignment location, whichever is less.”