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Reimbursing Non-UCB Travelers

To reimburse a non-UCB traveler, please ask the traveler to complete a UC Berkeley Substitute W-9 & Supplier Information Form. The completed form should be faxed to the Campus Vendoring Unit at (510) 664-7209.

If there is a staff member who already has direct contact with the traveler, it is preferred that this staff member be the one to send the instructions on completing the form to avoid any delays. For foreign travelers, a Library staff member will need to prepare and fax the form on the traveler’s behalf.

If a traveler doesn’t have a Tax Identification Number, they will not be able to use a domestic address when completing the UC Berkeley Substitute W-9 & Supplier Information Form.

Foreign travelers are required to provide the following information to the Library staff member to complete the form:

  • Name
  • Payment address
  • Phone number
  • Email address

Foreign travelers must also provide the following items*:

  • Visa classification
  • A copy of the traveler's passport
  • A copy of an I-94 (Alien Departure Record)
  • A completed UC W-8BEN form
  • If the traveler is a B-1/B-2/WB/WT Visa Holder, a completed Certification of Academic Activity

Units that host foreign visitors should inform their guests about the University's reimbursement policy to make sure they have the proper Visas. For more details, review the guidelines for reimbursing foreign visitors.

*Please advise foreigner travelers to redact any sensitive information before sending these items. For more on this, please refer to the Library’s Data Security Policy.

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