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Leave Reporting and Accruals

How do I report my time and/or leave?

Report your time and/or leave in CalTime. Visit the CalTime site for helpful guides and training for all employees.

How do I find my accrual balance?

You can find them in CalTime. Download this leave accrual guide for instructions and the Leave Accruals, Usage, and Balance presentation for an overview of the process and policies.

At times, many of us need time away from work for a variety of reasons. UC Berkeley Library employees have a number of leave options, including sick, vacation, holiday, family and medical leave (FMLA). Visit the Leaves section of our Employee Guides and Handbooks to learn more about general leave options and protocol for leave reporting.

Academic employees typically accrue at the rate of two days per month of vacation and one day per month of sick leave. For specifics see the Academic Personnel Manual (APM); and for represented librarians see the contract for the Professional Librarians Unit (LX) between the University of California and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT).

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