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A. Compiling Documentation

A. Compiling Documentation

(candidate and review initiator)

  1. Candidate and review initiator consult. Candidate prepares self-evaluation and review initiator begins assembling candidate's dossier.

    If letters of reference are appropriate, candidate provides review initiator a list of persons from whom letters may be solicited. Review initiator may solicit any number of letters and is not bound by candidate's list. Review initiator receives letters, which are confidential, and takes them into account in arriving at a comprehensive evaluation of candidate.

    Candidate submits self-evaluation and supporting documentation to review initiator.

  2. Review initiator arrives at a tentative recommendation and discusses it with candidate and with appropriate administrative reviewer(s): e.g., department head, AUL, UL, dean, director.

    Review initiator writes a final evaluation and recommendation, addressing as fully as possible concerns and issues raised by candidate and by administrative reviewers consulted.

    Candidate signs the final evaluation/recommendation and may respond in writing. Candidate will be provided redacted copies of confidential solicited letters.

  3. If review initiator is not the department head (or affiliated library equivalent), review initiator submits dossier to that person, whose comments are added to the file. The comment may consist of a signature indicating agreement with review initiator's recommendation or a narrative statement. If the comments were added, candidate receives a copy and may respond in writing.

    In The Library, dossier is forwarded to additional administrative reviewers as appropriate; dossier is forwarded to Library Human Resources Department (LHRD); candidate reviews documentation checklist and signs certification statement.

    In affiliated libraries, dossier is certified and receives final review per local unit procedures. APO forwards affiliated library dossiers to LHRD.

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