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B. Peer and Administrative Review

B. Peer and Administrative Review

(CAPA, ad hoc committees, other administrative reviewers)

  1. LHRD makes all cases available to CAPA and promotion and career status cases available to ad hoc committees.
  2. For promotion and career status reviews, CAPA nominates ad hoc review committee members and conveners. Final decision makers make appointments.

    Ad hoc committee convenes, reviews dossier, writes recommendation to final decision maker and places the letter in the dossier.

  3. CAPA reviews all dossiers, including the statements of administrative reviewers and ad hoc committees, and makes recommendation to final decision maker.

    In the course of their deliberations peer review committees, AULs and final decision makers may request additional information. Candidate is notified if material is added to the review file and may request redacted copies. Candidate may respond in writing.

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