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D. Reconsideration Process

D. Reconsideration Process

(final decision maker: Vice Provost)

  1. Candidate will be provided copies of all confidential material in the review file by LHRD (which at this stage would include CAPA and ad hoc letters).

    Candidate may request an informal meeting with the University Librarian, or, in affiliated library cases, with the dean or director.

  2. Candidate makes decision whether to proceed with a formal petition for reconsideration.

    In a formal petition, candidate's letter of petition is added to original dossier, along with summaries of confidential material that may have been requested. CAPA reviews file and makes recommendation to University Librarian or Vice Provost.

  3. Vice Provost either upholds or overturns earlier decision; candidate, CAPA and University Librarian (when case involves The Library) are informed in writing.

    In affiliated library cases Vice Provost decides both the initial case and the petition.

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