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Librarian jobs

Go to the Library academic job board for current recruitments.

The Library Human Resources Department coordinates all Library academic recruitments.

Once the need to post an academic position is determined, there is a process to follow to initiate the recruitment. The position has to be approved by the Library lead team, followed up by internal Library human resources and business services approvals. The job description must be reviewed by LHRD and CAPA. After the job description and search plan are approved by the Academic Personnel Office and Office for Faculty Equity and Welfare, the ad is posted on AP Recruit, and also on additional desired websites. The job is posted for at least 14 days; please consult with the LHRD academic hr analyst regarding the first application review date.

LHRD coordinates the whole interview process and supports the search committee during the recruitment. After the search committee decision, acceptance of tentative offer, and search close out in AP Recruit, the start date is determined and LHRD works closely with the Campus Shared Services (CSS) team that facilitates the onboarding process.

Forms necessary to request an academic recruitment:

(See the Request to Recruit workflow chart (.pdf) for an overview of the process.)

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