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Academic Recruitment Process

The Library Human Resources Department (LHRD) coordinates all academic searches with the Office for Faculty Equity and Welfare (OFEW) and Academic Personnel Office (APO).

Requesting a Recruitment

Once a department head and Associate University Librarian (AUL) determine the need to post a position, the position must be approved by the Library lead team, followed up by LHRD and Library Business Services approvals, which include the determination of the funding source.

Forms necessary to request an academic recruitment:
(See the Request to Recruit workflow chart for an overview of the process.)

Preparing the Job Announcement

LHRD contacts the AUL/manager and search committee chair to prepare the job announcement. CAPA is included in the vetting process, and the AUL/manager completes the final draft. After the job announcement is finalized, LHRD works with the search committee to determine the recruitment efforts according to campus guidelines. More detailed guidelines for analysts and search committees are provided on the Office for Faculty Equity's website.

As a federal contractor, UC Berkeley is obligated by law to make efforts to encourage underrepresented individuals to apply for academic positions, with the goal of meeting the benchmarks for the search area and affirmative action goals for the recruitment.

The Library's standard recruitment plan includes posting ads at the locations listed below. Search committees may request specialized sites be added to the list for their particular recruitment.

After confirming the job announcement and search plan, LHRD then enters them into AP Recruit for campus approvals. After APO and OFEW approve, the position is posted to AP Recruit and additional desired websites. Academic searches are posted for two weeks minimum. For most of the Library positions, the first review date is set to 30 days after the job was posted.

Conducting the Search

It is advised that the search committee conduct outreach and encourage potential candidates to apply, in addition to circulating the posting to subject specialty professional networks.

All complete applications by the first review date must be reviewed. If the search committee finds the pool weak, additional review dates could be set.

Evaluating and Interviewing Applicants

When reviewing and evaluating the applications the search committee separates the pool into two groups: those who meet the basic qualifications and those who don't. The chair then assigns disposition reasons to unqualified applicants.

To view applications, sign into AP Recruit:

  1. Go to AP Recruit
  2. Click “UCB Faculty and Administrators” and sign in with your CalNet ID
  3. Click “Recruitments” in the top menu bar
  4. Click “Applicants” under the title of your recruitment
  5. Under each applicant name click on “Manage” and the review the application

Once the search committee agrees on top candidates, it is the Library’s practice to have a first round of phone interviews.

LHRD handles all interview scheduling and communication with the candidates.

The final top candidates are invited to the on-campus visit. LHRD organizes the day and works closely with the search committee chair on preparing the visit.

The interview process usually takes the whole day and includes a public presentation on a topic chosen by the search committee. For temporary positions the interview is shorter and does not include a presentation.

Selecting a Candidate and Closing out the Search

The search committee gathers all feedback from the Library community and all involved parties and makes a decision on the proposed final candidate. The search committee chair finishes assigning disposition reasons in AP Recruit to all qualified and unqualified applicants who submitted their applications by the review date(s).

The search committee prepares a search report to be delivered to the AUL/manager and LHRD. The purpose of the search report is to document the search process, demonstrate the equitable consideration of all candidates, and provide justification for recommending proposed candidate. The search report is then reviewed by the AUL/manager, who makes the final recommendation to LHRD to make an offer.

LHRD makes a tentative offer to the candidate and coordinates negotiation with the AUL/manager. After the tentative offer is accepted, LHRD prepares the closing documentation and search report in AP Recruit for OFEW's approval.

Once the approval is secured, the official offer letter signed by the University Librarian is sent to the final candidate.

LHRD will inform all other applicants and send them regret letters.

The search is then closed in AP Recruit.


LHRD works closely with the new hires on their final relocation (if that applies) and on their onboarding day (coordinating with Campus Shared Services).

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