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Life Changes


Secova warning

Secova audit

Be aware: Most changes to your benefits will trigger a benefit audit. You may receive at your home mailing address a request from Secova to provide the official paperwork documenting the changes you have made to your benefits. If Secova determines that you have someone on your benefits without the accurate documentation you can lose your benefits up to 18 months. Be sure to comply with the Secova deadline in order to preserve your benefits.

Having a baby? Adopting a child?

Congratulations! Make an appointment with our CSS Business Partner, who will help you navigate your eligibility for maternity or paternity benefits. The links below can help you formulate your questions.

Further information:

Getting married?

Congratulations! You have 31 days to enroll your spouse for benefits. Make an appointment with our CSS HR Business Partner who will inform you of your benefit options.

See UCnet for a complete checklist and a family changes fact sheet.

Changing your name?

If you have recently changed your name or are in the process of changing your name, you will need to bring official documentation of the name change before we can change your name on the University records. Please bring a social security card or Driver’s license to LHRD.

Getting divorced?

Once the divorce is final you may remove the divorced spouse from your benefits. You will need to provide the legal documents that include the official divorce date in order for campus to process the change. Make an appointment with our CSS HR Business Partner who will inform you of your options.

Naturalized citizen?

Congratulations! Please bring your naturalization paperwork to our CSS HR Business Partner for your campus records to be updated.