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Types of Leave


Leave Reporting and Accruals

How do I report my time and/or leave?

Report your time and/or leave in CalTime. Visit the CalTime site for helpful guides and training for all employees.

How do I find my accrual balance?

You can find them in CalTime. Download this leave accrual guide for instructions and the Leave Accruals, Usage, and Balance presentation for an overview of the process and policies.

Sick Leave

Sick leave is provided for eligible Library employees if you are unable to work because of illness, injury, or disability. This covers time off for medical, dental, and other approved practitioner appointments. In addition, this leave can be taken on a limited basis in the case of illness or death of a family member.

Vacation Leave

Regular and probationary employees appointed at fifty percent (50%) or more of full time for a period of six months or more are eligible to earn paid vacation leave, which accrues on a monthly basis. The amount of your vacation leave accrual depends on your length of service to the university.

Holiday Leave

The University provides 13 paid holidays each calendar year for eligible employees.

Family and Medical Leave

The university offers a number of paid and unpaid leave options for family and medical leave for new parents, as well as employees caring for family members affected by illness. UC offers many resources to support employees and their families.

Military Leave

Employees who are members of any branch of the U.S. Military or National Guard may require leave from their jobs for active duty, training, or examination. These employees can apply for time off, including supplemental pay not to exceed the duration of their tour of active duty. To take military leave, consult the UCnet roadmap for a list of steps and additional resources.


UC provides Short-Term Disability and Supplemental Disability insurance to eligible employees. These benefits in conjunction with state-mandated Workers' Compensation and Social Security disability benefits create a comprehensive safety net to protect employees from loss of wages over the course of a disability period.

To be eligible for Short-Term Disability coverage, you must be eligible for the Full benefits package. UC pays the premium, however the Short-Term plan only provides very basic disability coverage – 55% of your salary up to $800 per month for six months.

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