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Library Attendance Guidelines for Supervisors

Every employee within the Library plays an integral part in enabling the department to achieve its organizational goals and providing high quality, dependable, cost-effective service to the students, faculty and staff of the University of California at Berkeley. We all accomplish this goal by performing our jobs in the most productive manner possible. In any work place environment, a most important component of job performance is consistent, on-time, full-shift attendance. In order to effectively accomplish Library goals and to assure the best possible service for our users, it is a Library expectation that employees maintain a good attendance record and that supervisors provide coaching and assistance in supporting this expectation.

Annual paid time off in the form of vacation leave is granted by the University to its employees in order for them to enjoy rest and relaxation. While vacation leave is a benefit that employees earn, timing of vacation leave comes with the approval of the supervisor based on business necessity and needs of the unit. Vacation use must always be pre-scheduled and approved in order that coverage may be adequately planned.

Employees who are absent for illness and have exhausted their sick leave balance may request to use vacation for the remaining absence. If not requested, or not approved, the remainder of the employee's absence will be leave without pay. Supervisors will want to consider many factors including the overall use patterns of leave prior to approving vacation use for illness.

Whenever a supervisor has a question about the interpretation of these guidelines, or the appropriate application of policy or contract in regard to attendance, s/he should refer to the appropriate bargaining agreement, or personnel policy and contact the Library Human Resources Department or CSS Business Partner for assistance.

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