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Vacation, Sick Leave, Other Leaves, and Health Plans

UC offers its employees a comprehensive benefits package, designed to protect your family's personal and financial health now and in the future. As much as 40% of your salary may be "paid" to you over again in leave and insurance benefits. Sick, vacation, and holiday leave (also special kinds of paid leave for administrative, civic, and military duties) accrue each month. Medical, dental and vision, and behavioral health are standard benefits that follow you throughout your career. You will be also accruing retirement/catastrophic disability/survivor income from both the University's Defined Benefit Plan and Social Security/Medicare.

Number of advantageous options include:

  • Supplementary disability insurance
  • Worker's Compensation
  • Life, accident, disability and unemployment insurance
  • A prepaid legal expense insurance plan
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment insurance
  • Tax-shelter plans for Health and dependent care 
  • Staywell
  • Family Care Resources
  • An excellent and wide choice of voluntary long-term savings & investment plans, fully or partly tax-sheltered.

Your eligibility for some or all of these benefit plans depends on your status: career or limited; the percent-of-full-time (Full-Time Equivalence) and length of your appointment; and on your UC student status. A basic, "CORE" benefits package, including catastrophic medical insurance, is available to non-student employees appointed to work more than 43.75% FTE (about 17.5 hours weekly), but less than full-time - or if half-time or more, then for less than a year.

If you are appointed to work full-time for three months or more (but less than a year), you are eligible for a "Limited Career" benefits package which, while less comprehensive then the complete benefits package, does offer full medical insurance. Appointments at half-time or better, for one year or more, are eligible for full "Career" benefits and other benefits as well. 

Benefits eligibility can change if the terms of your employment at the University change-either in your initial job, or when you change, or take additional, UC jobs. Consult your Benefits Counselor if you're uncertain about your benefits status.

There are many benefit choices which allow employees to tailor coverage to his or her family. Insurance and financial plan rules and procedures can be complex. You are responsible for making your choices correctly and promptly, and for keeping informed about-and getting full value from-continually changing plans and options. Before the end of your first month of employment, be sure you have consulted with LHRD or the CSS Business Partner about the selections and enrollments you are interested in. A number of important insurance options are permanently restricted 31 days after your date of hire. Open Enrollment for UC occurs every year during the month of November. At this time you may change your medical, dental and enroll or de-enroll family members.