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Employee Conduct in the Library

In order for all Library employees to work together productively, it is necessary for us to have a common understanding of expected behaviors. The Library has guidelines to help staff, faculty, and students better understand rules, and expectations when it comes to conuduct. Below are examples of Library expectations for employee conduct:

  • There is no smoking in the Library at any time.
  • Effective January 1, 2014 the UC Berkeley became a tobacco free campus. Find more information and campus policy at
  • The Library follows the UC Statement of Ethical Values and Standards
  • For the preservation of library materials and equipment, eating and drinking is prohibited in the Library, except in locations authorized as appropriate by your Department/Unit Head. Such areas include the designated Staff Room or other locations away from heavily used work areas or public access areas as your department/unit head indicates.
  • To maintain an environment most conducive to our patrons' desire for quiet concentration, and to assure staff attentiveness to the needs of users and colleagues, library employees will not use personal audio or video devices during library open hours.
  • The abuse of legal and illegal substances, including alcohol, prescription drugs, or other controlled substances impairs an individual's ability to perform his/her work satisfactorily. Employees who abuse alcohol or drugs in the workplace, or whose job performance is impaired by such abuse, may be subject to corrective action up to and including dismissal.
  • Employees who need assistance with a substance abuse problem should discuss the problem immediately with their supervisor or the Library Human Resources Department. Be Well at Work - Employee Assistance is a campus employee free assistance program that can provide confidential problem assessment, counseling and referral.
  • Use of library equipment or services for personal or commercial purposes is not permitted. All work related documents are the property of the Library and are not to be copied, used, distributed, or removed without Library approval.
  • Physical violence or threat, and verbal abuse constitute unacceptable behavior in the workplace. Violent or disorderly behavior by Library staff toward co-workers, library patrons or others will not be tolerated and may result in discharge from employment.
  • UCB Library employees are caretakers and guardians of one of the world's great collections of information and knowledge. Mutilation or theft of library materials or other University property is grounds for immediate discharge.

Be sure to discuss with your supervisor any other organizational requirements which, due to the special nature of your work or work environment, may be expected. Also feel free to consult University Personnel Policies for Staff Members and your collective bargaining agreement (if applicable).

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