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Instruction for Supervisors

Here is a summary of things to help get us organized in preparation for your new hire's start date. You're probably already familiar with this, but we hope that you find this helpful, and if you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact LHRD.

Prior to the First Day

Prior to the first day, as the supervisor, you will need to fill out the following Google form: Setting up Library accounts for your New Hire

This form will guide you through the following:

  • sending appropriate key and access requests to your key coordinator as soon as possible so the employee can receive keys on the first day of work.
  • providing the systems office with the necessary information to arrange the computer set-up.
  • arranging desk, phone, voice mail, network drives and work area for your new employee.
  • Library email lists.
  • Caltime preferences for your new employee.

Your new hire's information will be sent to the following offices, who may contact you for further information:

  • Library ergonomics team for the initial ergonomic evaluation.
  • Systems office to set up your new employee's computer login.

First Day of Work

During the new hire appointment with Campus Shared Services and LHRD on the morning of the first day of work, your new hire will:

  • sign all employment forms (see new employee onboarding schedule).
  • review and sign the job description and PEM form.
  • learn about the many campus benefit options.
  • go through the Library new hire guide.
  • cover services and facilities offered by Rec Sports, University Health Services, SDC committee, campus training, parking services, etc.

After the appointment with us, your new employee will still need to

  • go to the Cal1card office to get a picture ID on the second day of work.
  • go to Parking and Transportation to turn in any forms to set up a campus parking/transportation discount options.
  • go to the Library privileges desk to arrange borrowing privileges.
  • enroll into the new employee orientation.
  • enroll in benefits through At Your Service.
  • enroll in 403(b) through Fidelity.
  • take the Sexual Harassment/Sexual Violence Prevention Training online course via UCB Learning Center (see instructions for accessing the course through Blu).

On the first day, you should

  • review the training plan including department orientation, safety procedures, work hours and work rules.
  • give a tour of the department.
  • (re)introduce your new hire to your staff.
  • pick-up keys from your key coordinator, if the keys are ready. (note: Requesting keys require the new hire's email address, and this may take 2-4 days from the hire date, depending on the new hire record entry into HCM.)
  • provide an orientation on Caltime and how to complete the monthly or biweekly timesheet.

Statement of Responsibilities (for Represented Librarians Only)

Within 30 days of the date of hire you must create a Statement of Responsibility for your new librarian (MOU Article 7.B.1 and 2.)

The Statement of Responsibility should include a general description of assigned duties and be reviewed jointly by the new librarian and you. The librarian should be given a copy of the Statement, and should indicate receipt and review of its content by signing the document. A copy of the signed Statement should be sent to LHRD to be placed in the librarian’s personnel file.

The Statement should be reviewed at the beginning of each review period.

More Information

For more ideas on the first weeks with your new employee, visit our new employee resources page.