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New Hire Orientation


New employee benefits and handbook

Make sure to review the Benefits, Health and Welfare guide to help you navigate your benefit options, as well as the Library Employee Handbook to learn about Library expectations, policies and procedures.

On your First Day

You will start your first day at a Berkeley Regional Services (BRS)onboarding session, where you will complete new hire paperwork and receive benefits information. You’ll receive instructions from BRS via email before your start date. Afterwards, you will meet with The Library Human Resources Department for departmental onboarding:

At your Library HR Onboarding Meeting

  • Review and sign your job description and PEM form.
  • Review your parking and transportation discount options.
  • Go through the Library new hire web page.
  • Cover services and facilities offered by Rec Sports, University Health Services, SDC, campus training, and parking services.

After your Library HR appointment, you will need to do the following:

During Your First Week

  1. Go to the Cal1 Card office to get your employee photo ID.
  2. Log in to Blu online to
    • Sign up for direct deposit.
    • Enter your emergency contact information.
    • Enter your ethnic group information (optional).

Week One and Beyond

  • Visit UCOP At Your Service online to
    • Complete your federal and state tax withholdings.
    • Enroll in your benefits.
    • Complete your beneficiary information.
    • Enroll in 403(b).
  • Update your contact information in the UC Berkeley directory.
  • Sign up for the New Employee Orientation through campus.
  • Visit the Parking and Transportation office for information on your transportation options.
  • Visit Wageworks* to setup your account to enroll in regular monthly parking/transportation discount options.

    *About logging in to Wageworks and UCOP At Your Service: The campus system takes some time to send your information to Wageworks and At Your Service. At Your Service may take 1-2 days to allow you to set up your account. Wageworks may take up to 5-10 days. Please be patient and try again.

  • Go to the Library privileges desk to arrange your borrowing privileges.
  • Take the Sexual Harassment Prevention online course at the UC Learning Center website via the Blu, and send a copy of your completion certificate to LHRD.
  • Take the UC Cyber Security Awareness Training online course at the UC Learning Center website via the Blu, and send a copy of your completion certificate to LHRD.
  • Librarians: check in with your supervisor about drafting and signing a Statement of Responsibilities.