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Retiring questions

As soon as possible: Contact our HR Business Partner to answer any questions you may have regarding the process, timeline, the ending of your benefits and/or the sign out process.

Deciding to retire?

When you begin thinking about retiring from UC Berkeley, arrange to meet with Library Human Resources, who can help you begin the process. Be aware, that it takes 3-4 months to complete the retirement process with the Office of the President.

The first thing to do once you have decided on a retirement date is send the Request for Retirement Initiation Packet form to Office of the President no sooner than four months ahead of your retirement date. Three months before your planned retirement date, Office of the President will mail the retirement paperwork to your home address.

Your vacation and sick leave balances

When employees leave employment, vacation leave is paid to the employee. When retiring, employees can use vacation leave up until the last day on pay status. Vacation payout check can be sheltered in a 403(b) or 457(b). When retiring, sick leave is converted to service credit.

Continuing benefits

Benefits continue until the end of the month following the separation date.

Berkeley email accounts

Library email normally ends when employment ends. In special circumstances, Library email can remain working for 30 days after employment ends. Berkeley email accounts can be purchased from the UC Retirement Center.


As soon as possible but not later than one month before resignation: Send resignation letter to the supervisor with a cc: to the Staff HR Manager or HR Director. Your resignation letter should contain:

  • the date of your last physical day at work
  • your separation date
  • your official retirement date

Once the resignation letter is received, we will work with you to schedule an exit appointment for one of your last working days.

Ten days before last day, complete your CalTime timesheet through your last day and obtain supervisor approval. A delay in completing and approving the CalTime timesheet will result in a late paycheck.

On your last day, turn in your UCB ID badge and keys to Library Human Resources.