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Supervisor Checklist


Student Separations

In order to separate a student employee, supervisors must follow different procedures.

Checklist for Supervisors: Planning for the separation of an employee

Supervisor Responsibilities:

Before your employee’s last day, as the supervisor, you will need to complete the following:

  • Send a copy of the employee’s letter of resignation to LHRD if you have not already done so.
  • Respond to the letter of resignation with your acceptance and forward to LHRD.
  • Remind employee to complete and submit final timecard for your approval in CalTime.
  • Coordinate transfer of all key files and documents (both in paper and online) to new owners.
  • Coordinate transfer of any email lists or departmental logins that this employee may own or administer.
  • Ensure that the employee is ready to turn in all keys, badges, and access cards on their last day.
  • Confirm with the employee return of any Library property including cell phones, computers, file cabinet keys, etc.
  • With employee: Ensure voicemail box is cleaned out and password is provided to change the voicemail greeting.
  • Update organizational chart and send a copy to LHRD.
  • Prior to your separating employee’s last day, please also notify LHRD of the following information regarding the employee:
    • Library lists subscriptions and ownership.
    • CalTime approver and delegate replacements if applicable.

Finally, please be sure to take care of the following items on the employee’s last day if you have not already done so:

  • Approve Employee’s timecard in CalTime if you have not already done so.
  • Transfer any department-specific logins of which the employee may have sole access/ownership. i.e. internal databases, departmental email accounts etc.
  • Double check that all access and file cabinet keys are returned.

LHRD Responsibilities

LHRD will schedule an exit appointment with the separating employee as their separation date approaches. During the employee's separation appointment with Juana Loza, LHRD will:

  • Review benefit coverage and COBRA information with the employee.
  • Collect any keys, badges and Cal1/access cards as applicable.
  • Collect laptop, phone or bluCard, if not already returned to Library IT or Library Business Services.
  • Address any questions the employee may have regarding their separation.
  • Confirm employee’s continuing contact information, including any changes to mailing address and phone number.
  • Confirm email termination preferences, computer access equipment still active, card and key access, BluCard information, and library VPN/Oskicat/Software Access, as well as departmental login ownership that may need to be transferred prior to separation.

Following the separation, LHRD will:

  • Send separation email alerts to the Library Facilities office, Library IT and Campus IT, Library Business Services Budget Team, and CalTime Delegate administrators.
  • Remove separated employee from any Library staff email lists.
  • Return any keys to the Library Facilities office.