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Please read the following information carefully to familiarize yourself with University and Library expectations, policies, and procedures regarding working conditions and benefits. Consult with your immediate supervisor, unit/section head, or the Library Student Employment Office if you have any questions. The following is only a summary for easy reference.

Library Student Employment

It is the policy of the Library to provide, based upon the needs of the department, part-time employment to students at the Berkeley campus of the University of California. Such Student Library Employees (SLEs) are hired in casual/restricted positions. Casual/restricted positions are part-time, temporary, and reserved for regularly enrolled UC Berkeley students (as determined by the list of registered students or Registrar's Office). Hiring appointments may be made throughout the year.

All positions and work hours are subject to change due to fluctuating workloads or budget adjustments. Reappointments for the summer or through the next academic year will depend on department needs and on your job performance.

Students who will be regularly enrolled in the fall semester may be eligible to work during the Summer Session, even if they are not enrolled in summer classes. In exceptional circumstances and with the approval of the Department Head and the Library Human Resources Department, employment of unregistered students may be extended into the semester preceding or following regular enrollment. Employment is not guaranteed during the summer and intersession periods because the Library operates on a reduced schedule. Summer and intersession employment is determined by your supervisor and based on a consideration of job requirements, employee qualifications, and employee job performance.

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