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Time Reporting

Time Reporting: Caltime

Your Caltime timesheet is the official record of hours worked. It is your responsibility to clock in and out accurately for each shift that you work and before and after meal breaks. If you make an error, notify your supervisor immediately for correction. Only staff employees designated as supervisors may correct and approve your timesheets.

Do not clock in or out for anyone but yourself. Students may only clock in and out at their designated work site. Clocking in or out from any other location will result in termination.

Your timecard is a legal document. Falsification of your timecard or any other student employee’s timecard will result in termination. Do not work more then 5¾ hours without clocking out. A 30-minute unpaid rest/meal period is required for all work schedules longer than 5¾ hours, and will be deducted automatically if you do not clock out. See your supervisor for Caltime training on your first day of work.