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Vacation and Sick Leave and Holiday Benefits

If you work an approved exceptional schedule of more than 49% of the working hours in a month, you will earn sick leave credit and holiday pay on a month-to-month basis. These benefits are calculated at rates proportional to the percentage of time worked at or above 50%. Sick leave may be used in any month following the month in which it was accrued. You must report to your supervisor as soon as possible if you are ill and plan to use sick leave. You earn vacation leave after working 6 consecutive months at 50% time or more. Vacation leave must be approved in advance by your supervisor. Vacation and sick leave can be used only in lieu of regularly scheduled hours. Vacation and sick leave must be reported to and approved by your supervisor for specific days/times, not in lump sums or in addition to scheduled hours. Your supervisor will reflect your sick leave and/or vacation usage on your Caltime timesheet. To find out any accrued balances or to clarify the use of these benefits, consult your supervisor.