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Work Study

Students will be required to have work study before they can apply for a position that is posted as work study only. LHRD will log into the work study site with the student to determine their work study eligibility and award. This information will be printed for the student to bring to potential supervisors when they come for an interview. The supervisor can use this amount in determining who will be the best fit to hire.

New hires will be referred to work study and must accept it before their information is sent to Campus Shared Services to set up their onboarding appointment. If the student is unable to be referred they will be asked to go to the work study office to work out the problem. The supervisor will be informed of this delay. In some rare instances, a student may not able to work out the problem with the work study office; in such a case, the supervisor can then decide to hire another student from the pool or repost the job.

When the work study award ends, it will be up to the unit head and supervisor to determine if they have sufficient funding to retain the employee. Students should be encouraged to go to the work study office to discuss increasing their award.

In the past, students have been allowed to work one semester after they graduated. It should be noted that these students are not eligible for work study after graduation. Once again, the unit head and supervisor will determine if they have funding to keep the employee. This will also be the case with students who have withdrawn for the semester.

LHRD will submit a monthly report to the unit heads and supervisors, by e-mail, which will have the financial information necessary to manage the awards.

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