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Supervisor's Process for Volunteer Appointments

If you are looking for a volunteer

Contact our Student Employment Coordinator with information about what you need. Please be aware that volunteer work assignments cannot include work functions performed by Library staff in non-represented (PPSM) or represented (union-represented) job classifications.

  • Include any specific hours or special skills needed.
  • Specify the number of volunteers you need.

Any position that uses keys or money or that works with confidential, proprietary information will require a UC criminal background check.

Process for appointing volunteers

  1. Contact our Student Employment Coordinator when you have made your decision. Include the volunteer's name, and email address in the email along with the start date and time you would like for them to begin. Library Human Resources will contact Campus Shared Service who will in turn contact the volunteer to set up an onboarding appointment.
  2. Volunteers will need to provide a picture ID (e.g. a state ID card) at that time, as well.
  3. After completing the paperwork and orientation, the volunteer will be advised to immediately contact his/her assigned supervisor.


A brief assessment will be completed by the supervisor at the end of the first month of volunteer service, and annually thereafter at the time of renewal. The evaluation will help the supervisor and volunteer assess the work performance and will highlight the contribution to the department and the Library by the volunteer. This will also help determine if the need for the volunteer will continue.


All volunteer positions must have an end date, usually a year. Some projects may be short term. This date can be extended depending on department need and performance.

Ending the volunteer appointment

You may end the appointment before the agreed upon time for reasons such as lack of work, poor performance or violating campus or library policies.

Either prior to or on the volunteer's last day, the supervisor is required to contact our Volunteer Coordinator (this includes the date when the volunteer's appointment ends). The supervisor must also collect the volunteer ID badge and return it to the Library Human Resources Department.

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