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Library Expectations

Volunteers are an integral part of Library staffing and operations. Within that context, volunteers are expected to conduct themselves in a businesslike and courteous manner, consistent with the high quality public service goals of the Library. Please remember that we are a service department, assisting faculty, students and the public with their teaching, learning and research needs. The Library expects volunteers to display a positive regard for the duties and obligations assigned to you throughout your work with us. A willful disregard for or deliberate violation of University, Campus, Library or department policies and expectations will result in termination.


The Library expects all staff to maintain a neat and clean appearance and businesslike demeanor. The way we appear is an important form of non-verbal communication which creates in others an impression about the Library as a competent and professional academic resource. When on duty, you represent the Library. Your appearance and behavior directly affect our patrons’ experiences.

Food and Drink

In keeping with the policy for library users, consumption of food or drink of any kind is not allowed in any public areas of the libraries. If you bring any food into the library, be sure it is concealed in a bag. Staff areas may be used for breaks and lunches.

Library Equipment

Library equipment, including computers (internet, email, etc.), printers, photocopy and fax machines are for library business use only.

Audio Equipment

Radios, CD players, iPods, etc., are not permitted for personal use in public areas of the Libraries. Use of these devices in public areas varies from one library to another. Please consult your supervisor regarding the use of personal audio equipment in your unit. Supervisors may deny use of personal audio devices if the work of the unit is negatively impacted.

Phone Calls

Library telephones are intended for business use only. (In emergencies, calls may be made from library phones with the permission of your supervisor.) Staff are discouraged from receiving phone calls at work except in emergencies. Cell phones should not be used at work except during break periods away from public areas.

Changes of Address / Phone Number

Report any change in personal information, such as your address, email address or telephone number to your supervisor FIRST and then to the Volunteer Coordinator.

Arranging and Maintaining Work Schedules

Your time is valuable to The Library in more ways than one! The work you do enables us to succeed in our various programs, and the record of your time spent helping The Library shows important community support. We total all the volunteer hours contributed to The Library each year and use this information in annual reports to the campus administration and when talking with donors and granting agencies.

Do not agree to a work schedule unless you are able to maintain it throughout the project. Please call your supervisor as soon as possible if you find you are not able to make a scheduled shift.

Safety / Work-Related Injury

Familiarize yourself with Library Emergency Procedures and any procedures specific to your unit. Follow all posted safety regulations and report any hazards to your supervisor. If you should suffer a work-related injury or illness, or have questions, please notify your supervisor immediately.

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