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Staff Library Job Postings

How to Apply

  1. Choose the job you'd like to apply for by clicking on the job title.
  2. Follow the application instructions explained in the job description.

If you have any questions, contact the staff employment coordinator.

Title Status Department
Security Patrol Officer - Night shift #22219 Interviews in Progress Library Capital Projects and Facilities Management
Photo/Video Editor (7467U) #23064 Interviews in Progress Communications Office
Interlibrary Projects Assistant (6760C) #23504 Interviews in Progress Interlibrary Services
Budget and Financial Analyst (7709U) #23598 Reviewing Applications Budget and Finance
Administrative Assistant (4724C) #23627 Reviewing Applications East Asian Library
Circulation & Technical Processing Assistant (6760C) #23722 Accepting Applications Engineering and Physical Sciences Division
Access Services Supervisor (6268U) #23721 Accepting Applications Northern Regional Library Facility
Library Assistant (6762C) #23719 Accepting Applications Bancroft Library
Director of Major and Leadership Gifts (0462U) #23720 Accepting Applications Development Office