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Serials/Acquisitions support - Job #1685


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Student Job Opening

Date Posted: 
Monday, July 9, 2018 - 11:50am
Student supervisor: 
Steven Black
Bancroft Technical Svcs Acquisition Services
STDT 2, ($13.75/hr)
How many students will be hired for this job?: 
Does this job require work study?: 
Work Study Required

Work Schedule

Minimum Hours/Week: 
Maximum Hours/Week: 
Minimum Hours/Shift: 
Specific Work Hours: 
Monday-Friday, 9-5

Job Information

Job Duties: 

1.   Assist in processing backlog of Bancroft serials publications, and maintaining unbound currently received serials, bookseller and auction catalogs.

2.   Sort various titles by date, volume, number(s).

3.   Make detailed, LEGIBLE notes of inconsistencies; e.g.:

  1. Title change(s) and dates change(s) occur.
  2. Publisher change(s)
  3. Author change(s)
  4. Numbering change(s), etc.   
  5. Sort, file and shelve serial materials.
  6. Help to prepare serials for binding, and/or boxing.
  7. Other tasks as assigned.
Required Qualifications: 

1.   Must be punctual, dependable and reliable.

2.   Must be able to read and write English fluently. 

3.   Must have legible handwriting.

4.   Must have demonstrated accuracy with attention to detail while performing repetitive tasks. 

5.   Must be able to communicate clearly and effectively.

6.   Ability to work independently under guidelines and to refer problems when appropriate.

7.   Able to lift up to 30 lbs., push/pull carts loaded with books, sit/stand on low stools, read fine print accurately.

8.   MUST MAINTAIN REGULAR WORK SCHEDULE. Responsible for assigned hours throughout semester.

9.   Respect for Library owned resources.

10.        Familiarity with Oskicat preferred.