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Millennium Payment Assistant - Job #979


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Student Job Opening

Date Posted: 
Monday, November 19, 2018 - 7:51am
Student supervisor: 
Lynn Tran
Business Services - Millenium Payments and TE
STDT 2, ($15/hr)
How many students will be hired for this job?: 
Does this job require work study?: 
Work Study Required

Work Schedule

Minimum Hours/Week: 
Maximum Hours/Week: 
Minimum Hours/Shift: 
Specific Work Hours: 
Anytime Mon-Friday : 8:00am -5:00pm

Job Information

Job Duties: 

Key high volume of invoice payments for books and journals  into an online system (Millennium - Library software  system). Date stamp and highlight invoices for payment before keying. Identify tax, freight, service and discounts on invoices. Key invoice numbers, dates, amounts and order numbers into Millennium. Proofread payment information after keying. Complete weekly post-out process involving stamping, labeling and checking invoice information keyed into Millennium. Scan and electronically file invoices after payment process has been completed by the supervisor. Search records in Millennium database by order number or title. Assist in unit projects and work on other tasks as needed.

Required Qualifications: 
  • Must be able to perform detail-oriented work with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Accurate keyboard typing is essential with some prior experience performing detailed and repetitive data entry requiring a high degree of accuracy.
  • Must be accurate at identifying basic invoice information and typing numbers using the number pad without errors.
  • Must be able to scan invoices and accurately file documents by alphabetical name and by date & invoice number accurately and consistently .
  • Must be able to proofread invoice numbers, dates, alpha-text, and amounts to confirm they are correct.
  • Must be able to spot incorrect numbers, dates, alpa-text, and amounts on computer screen & on paper.
  • Must be comfortable at word processing and working on a PC in a Windows environment.
  • Must be able to follow written and verbal instructions and ask questions when in doubt about a procedure or when anything  is in conflict with  guidelines.
Desired Qualifications: 
  • Experience with Adobe Acrobat Professional, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Access is desirable , but not required.
  • References desired (from previous employers or faculty/school professional contacts).
Special Notes: 

Depending upon qualifications and student hours of availability, we are hiring two students at this time. Flexible hours anytime between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM -Monday-Friday(  no evenings or weekends) .