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Titles Eligible for SDC Funding

Classifications/Titles eligible for SDC funding

Below is a table of the titles eligible for SDC funding. The bargaining units included are the following: Clerical Unit (CX), Research Unit (RX), Service Unit (SX), and Technical Unit (TX).

___Assistant I 4724C CX
___Assistant II 4723C CX
___Assistant III 4722C CX
Computer Resource Spec. II 4804C TX
Editor 7684C TX
Laborer/Gardener (A) 8098C SX
Library Assistant I 6762C CX
Library Assistant II 6761C CX
Library Assistant III 6760C CX
Library Assistant IV 6759C CX
Mail Processor 4823C SX
Mail Processor, Asst. 4824C SX
Museum Preparator, Sr. 9633C TX
Photographer, Sr. 6222C TX
Scientist, Museum 9723C RX
Scientist, Museum, Asst. 9724C RX
Scientist, Museum, Sr. 9722C RX
Security Guard 5327C SX
Security Guard, Sr. 5326C SX
Staff Research Assoc. III 9611C RX
Technician, Photographic Sr. 6226C TX