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Classifications by Bargaining Unit

Classifications and Title Codes for Library staff are organized below by bargaining unit.

For salary information, please go to the UC Title Code System. In the Title Code System Lookup, you will need to provide the title code.

Clerical (CX)

___Assistant I 4724C
___Assistant II 4723C
___Assistant III 4722C
Library Assistant I 6762C
Library Assistant II 6761C
Library Assistant III 6760C
Library Assistant IV 6759C

Research Unit (UPTE)

Scientist, Museum 9723C
Scientist, Museum, Asst. 9724C
Scientist, Museum, Sr. 9722C
Staff Research Assoc. III 9611C

Service Unit (AFSCME)

Laborer/Gardener (A) 8098C
Mail Processor, Asst. 4824C
Mail Processor 4823C
Security Guard 5327C
Security Guard, Sr. 5326C

Technical Unit (UPTE)

Computer Resource Spec. II 4804C
Editor 7684C
Museum Preparator, Sr. 9633C
Photographer, Sr. 6222C
Technician, Photographic Sr. 6226C

PPSM (Non-Represented)

Administrative Manager 1 0547U
Administrative Officer 2 7376U
Administrative Officer 3 7377U
Applications Programmer 2 7299U
Applications Programmer 3 7300U
Applications Programmer 4 0652U
Applications Mgr 1 0649U
Applications Mgr 2 0650U
Business/Tech Support Supr 2 7561U
Business/Tech Support Analyst 2 7558U
Curator 4 6127U
Communications Manager 1 0408U
Communications Specialist 3 7477U
Educ Tchl Spec 4 7352U
Events Specialist 2 6291U
Executive Assistant 3 7384U
External Relations Spec 3 6299U
Facilities Project Mgr Spec 3 7078U
Facilities Supervisor 1 5198U
Financial Analysis Manager 1 0212U
Financial Analyst 2 7708U
Financial Analyst 3 7709U
Financial Analyst 4 7710U
Financial Services Analyst 2 4627U
Financial Services Analyst 4 4629U
Fundraiser 2 7546U
Fundraiser 3 7547U
Fundraiser 4 0462U
Fundraiser Manager 1 0624U
HR Generalist 4 7597U
HR Manager 1 0624U
Information Systems Analyst 2 7308U
Information Systems Analyst 3 7309U
Information Systems Manager 2 0668U
Library Manager 1 0541U
Library Professional 4 6268U
Library Supervisor 1 6286U
Library Supervisor 2 6287U
Marketing Specialist 2 7551U
Project/Policy Analyst 2 7397U
Project/Policy Analyst 3 7398U
Publications & Production Spec 2 7457U
Publications & Production Spec 3 7458U
Publications & Production Spec 4 7459U
Security Supervisor 1 5039U
Storekeeping Supervisor 1 5041U
Systems Administrator 3 7304U
Systems Administrator 4 0520U
Technical Project Mgt Professional 3 8822U
User Experience Designer 3 7350U
Writer/Editor 3 4017U
Writer/Editor 4 4018U
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