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Service Awards

Service Awards are granted to employees who complete ten or more years of University service at one-half time or more, and an award is given at each five year interval beyond ten years. Employees receiving service awards of 10 years or more will receive a portion of the service award tower. The appropriate service award is mailed to the employees home address.

The Library Human Resources Department tracks all Library employee's years of service and processes the paperwork for Campus Shared Services. A few months before the milestone years of service is reached, LHRD will submit the proper paperwork. The process normally takes about two months until fully complete.

All University of California, DOE Laboratories, and State of California service (including service with the State Universities and Colleges and Hastings College) at 50 percent time or more is counted to determine an employee’s eligibility for service awards. Academic service is included to determine length of service, but awards are granted only to staff employees. Periods of leave with pay, military leave, and leave without pay due to a work-incurred injury or illness are included when calculating length of service.

Change in Vacation Leave Accrual Rate

In addition to receiving a Service Award, employees are given a higher accrual rate for vacation as they accumulate service. The standard accrual rate increase is two additional hours a month after ten years and two hours a month every five years after that, up to 16 hours maximum. Employees who are in MSP positions have a higher accrual rate. Once the service award process is complete, the vacation leave will be updated and reflected on CalTime.

If you had prior UC experience before coming to the Library or have concerns regarding your years of service, please send an email to LHRD.

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