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Listing a Job Vacancy

What is Necessary

Preparing for the recruitment process is essential. Before you list and advertise your position, analyze the job you are recruiting for. Identify the duties of the position and the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to perform those duties. Include the percent of time the employee will spend on major duties and a description of the major duties in order of importance.

You may submit all the forms electronically to your Director or Associate/Assistant University Librarian. If you have questions about your recruitment e-mail

Your job vacancy packet must include:

This form must be included in the recruitment package complete with signatures. The form indicates whether the job is full time or part-time, permanent or temporary. It also provides the source of the funding and must include the required authorization signature.

The listing is the summary that you prepare for your job and is used in the posting that appears in the central campus web site and the LHRD web site.  This includes the major duties and responsibilities (not tasks), using functional verbs in descending order of importance. For the Qualifications section, list the skills, knowledge, abilities, certificates and licenses required to successfully perform the duties. Indicate whether each is desirable, preferred, helpful or required. 

The PEM is intended to help determine the physical, environmental and mental demands of the position.

  • Department Organizational Chart
  • Job Training Plan
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