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Titles and Pay Rates

Classification Overview

All jobs on the Berkeley Campus are classified with a title name and title code. For each title, there is a description of the position. The creation and description of job classifications is a task done at the system-wide level of the university; individual campuses do not create new job classifications. Rates of pay may vary by campus for the same classification.

Titles and Pay Rates

  • Student Assistant - Regular: $15.59/hour
  • Student Assistant - Night/Weekend Workleader: $16.59/hour
  • Graduate Students: $16.59/hour

Example - a student may work as a Student Assistant-Regular in a unit during regular day hours when a supervisor is present. The same student may be assigned to be in charge of a subject library in the evening with responsibilities over other student employees and the library. This worker would be paid at the Student Assistant-Night/Weekend Workleader rate. Outside of these workleader responsibilities, dual-rated students are paid at the Student Assistant-Regular rate for their primary job.