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Welcome to the employee resource repository. The table below includes forms, guides, salary tables, policies, etc. from Library administrative service units, as well as the Library, campus and the University.

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Resource Description Updated
Campus Job Description Templates Non-academic staff job description templates provided by campus HR. Required to request a library staff (non-academic) position. Nov-14-2016
Campus Mailboxes Locations of on-campus mailboxes Nov-14-2016
Campus Maps Campus Maps: Buildings, Points of Interest Nov-14-2016
Campus Safety Programs Campus Safety Information Nov-14-2016
Campus Vehicle Rental Program Car Rental Program for UCB Staff Nov-14-2016
Catastrophic Leave-Sharing Program Leave Donation Program for Catastrophic Events Nov-14-2016
Cellular Phone Discounts Berkeley Staff Discounts with Major Cellular Carriers: find under "Related Links" Feb-16-2017
Certificate of Lost/Missing Receipt Complete this form if a required receipt is lost or unavailable to certify actual expenses. Apr-17-2017
Certification Statement - Librarian Series (.docx) Certification statement for librarian review cycle dossiers Nov-14-2016
CFRA and Pregnancy Disability Notice Family Care and Medical Leave and Pregnancy and Disability Leave Nov-14-2016