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  1. Complete a Library Travel Pre-approval Request Form prior to your trip. If you would like to directly bill your airfare to the Library, check the appropriate box on the form.
  2. Once completed and submitted, your form will be routed in the system to receive all necessary approvals.
  3. If you checked the box to direct bill your airfare, you will receive an email from LBS containing a Direct Bill ID. You will provide your Direct Bill ID when you book your flight through Connexxus.

To reimburse a non-UCB traveler, please ask the traveler to complete a UC Berkeley Substitute W-9 & Supplier Information Form. The completed form should be faxed to the Campus Vendoring Unit at (510) 664-7209.

  1. As you are completing your online Travel Pre-approval Request Form, select "Yes" under "Would you like to directly bill the registration fees to UCB?" Clicking "Submit" routes your request in the system to receive all necessary approvals. To check the status of your request, you can reference the 'Approvals' tab.
  2. A Library Business Services Analyst will contact you to coordinate your registration payment.

If you need to rent a car for local travel, please contact LBS for a Fleet Services Card.

If you are planning an event, please review the information below on Library policy and vendor information:

Acceptable proof of payment documentation must include the following components:

  1. Name of Payee—Who did you pay for the goods or services?
  2. Amount Charged—How much did you pay for the goods or services?
  3. Transaction Date—When did you buy the goods or services?
  4. Form of Payment—What form of payment was used to purchase those goods or services?
  5. Description of the Goods or Services Purchased—What did you buy? Is this information on an invoice that you can provide?

When planning an entertainment event, the host must acquire advance approval from his or her supervisor, unit head, or AUL/Director. Exceptional circumstances require the University Librarian’s or Chief Administrative Officer's pre-approval. Failure to receive necessary pre-approval may result in UC refusing to pay the bill or reimbursement. In that case, either the vendor or the host may end up having to personally cover the cost.