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Career Development

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Career Development is a lifelong process which consists of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future.

UC Berkley offers many ways you can enhance and learn in your career, including the following:

The Wisdom Café is a place where Berkeley staff learn and share...

The Library encourages all employees to make maximum use of training and development programs that enhance job-related skills, opportunities for advancement, and campus committee service. The Staff Development Committee (SDC) acts as a board of review for represented, non-academic staff applications for funding of educational or career-related activities.

Classifications/Titles eligible for SDC funding

Below is a table of the titles eligible for SDC funding. The bargaining units included are the following: Clerical Unit (CX), Research Unit (RX), Service Unit (SX), and Technical Unit (TX).

CLASSIFICATION TITLE CODE BARGAINING UNIT ___Assistant I 4724C CX ___Assistant II 4723C CX ___Assistant III 4722C CX Computer Resource Spec. II 4804C TX...

Below is a list of titles eligible for non-SDC professional development funds. The titles are non-represented (MSP/PPSM).

CLASSIFICATION TITLE CODE Administrative Manager 1 0547U Administrative Officer 2 7376U Administrative Officer 3 7377U Applications Programmer 2 7299U Applications Programmer 3 7300U Applications Programmer 4 0652U Applications Mgr 1 0649U Applications Mgr 2 0650U...