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With a staff this large, the Library has many different classifications for Staff. LHRD provides resources for non-academic staff titles and non-senate academic titles, mainly in the librarian series. You can use these resources to learn more not only about classification but also about compensation...

Information about position classification and implementing procedures for classification on the Berkeley campus can be found in the Supplemental Personnel Policy 36.

All other documents, such as cover letter, letters of support, work samples, are not required.

Staff compensation is based on...

Below are extracts of pay rates for Library Assistants I-IV, Supervisors and Library Professional 4s. For all other staff titles and pay rates see Classifications by Bargaining Unit.

Library Assistants

Rates effective 7/1/2015

Title (Title Code) Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step...

Classifications and Title Codes for Library staff are organized below by bargaining unit.

For salary information, please go to the UC Title Code System. In the Title Code System Lookup, you will need to provide the title code.

Clerical (CX)

CLASSIFICATION TITLE CODE ___Assistant I 4724C ___Assistant II 4723C...

The supplemental standards for the Library Assistant job series are guidelines for classifying Library Assistant positions at the University of California, Berkeley. They are based on the University-wide class specifications for the Library Assistant series.

The standards are organized in a downloadable chart in two major...

Classifications/Titles eligible for SDC funding

Below is a table of the titles eligible for SDC funding. The bargaining units included are the following: Clerical Unit (CX), Research Unit (RX), Service Unit (SX), and Technical Unit (TX).

CLASSIFICATION TITLE CODE BARGAINING UNIT ___Assistant I 4724C CX ___Assistant II 4723C CX ___Assistant III 4722C CX Computer Resource Spec. II 4804C TX...

Below is a list of titles eligible for non-SDC professional development funds. The titles are non-represented (MSP/PPSM).

CLASSIFICATION TITLE CODE Administrative Manager 1 0547U Administrative Officer 2 7376U Administrative Officer 3 7377U Applications Programmer 2 7299U Applications Programmer 3 7300U Applications Programmer 4 0652U Applications Mgr 1 0649U Applications Mgr 2 0650U...

Classification Overview

All jobs on the Berkeley Campus are classified with a title name and title code. For each title, there is a description of the position. The creation and description of job classifications is a task done at the system-wide level of the university; individual campuses do not create new job classifications. Rates of pay may vary by campus for the same classification.


The Library employs several non-senate academic titles, largely in the Librarian title series. Below is a list of salary scales for non-represented and represented librarians and other non-senate academic titles in the Library.