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All funding requests for travel or professional development activities must be pre-approved by your supervisor, unit head, and AUL/Director before you leave on your trip or begin your activity. Professional development activities include workshops, conferences, classes, webinars, etc. (Requests for membership funding may only be submitted by librarians with LAUC-B funding.) Complete a...

The Library may pay for institutional memberships in organizations, excluding social organizations, if a genuine business purpose can be established. Requests for individual or personal membership may only be submitted by Librarians with LAUC-B funding.

To request payment of an institutional membership:

Fill out the membership form and a ...

There are four different possible categories of travel, training, and development support within the Library:

professional development travel and training staff development travel and training administrative travel and training collection development travel

These four different categories of travel either:

support staff to further their professional advancement (professional development and staff...