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When a Student Graduates or Leaves Library Employment:

The supervisor and student determine an end date. If applicable, the student returns keys to the supervisor.

The supervisor must complete the Student Separation Form and send it to Student Payroll on or before the student's last day.


When you decide to resign from your employment with the Library, notify your supervisor immediately. Your supervisor will in turn notify HR with a separation form which includes your end date as well as information to turn off any key card access you may have.

The California Unemployment Insurance Code does not provide unemployment insurance coverage to students who are enrolled and regularly attending classes at the college or university where they are employed.

After providing your supervisor and LHRD with the required two week notice of resignation from the Library and the University, you will be contacted by CSS HR to schedule an exit appointment and complete your CalTime timesheet. You will receive information about options to continue your medical and life insurance coverage through COBRA. You will also be asked to complete an exit questionnaire which will give...