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The Library is always hiring!

There are a variety of student jobs available within the Library department in access services, circulation, public services, technical services, or performing administrative duties in over twenty of the UC Berkeley Libraries, including the Main (Doe) Library, Moffitt, Bancroft, and East Asian Libraries.

Peak hiring times are...

Your supervisor will periodically review your job performance. An employee may also request an evaluation, including at the time of separation from Library employment. Please notify your supervisor in advance to allow time to complete the evaluation. During the evaluation process, you will have an opportunity to discuss your performance and the evaluation with your supervisor. These evaluations are part of your...

If you work an approved exceptional schedule of more than 49% of the working hours in a month, you will earn sick leave credit and holiday pay on a month-to-month basis. These benefits are calculated at rates proportional to the percentage of time worked at or above 50%. Sick leave may be used in any month following the month in which it was accrued. You must report to your supervisor as soon as possible if you...

The University does not pay students for time taken off to serve jury duty. Library Human Resources can provide a letter stating this policy to the student.

The University Health Services in Tang center offers Counseling and Psychological Services for UC Berkeley students.

CPS supports the emotional, psychological, educational, social and cultural development of all UC Berkeley students through a wide range of multiculturally based counseling, psychiatric, career, consultation, training and educational services.

For more information contact the Tang...

Familiarize yourself with Library emergency procedures (requires CalNet login) and any procedures specific to your unit. Follow all posted safety regulations and report any hazards to your supervisor. If you should suffer a work-related injury or illness, notify your supervisor immediately. To inquire about worker’s...

When you decide to resign from your employment with the Library, notify your supervisor immediately. Your supervisor will in turn notify HR with a separation form which includes your end date as well as information to turn off any key card access you may have.

The California Unemployment Insurance Code does not provide unemployment insurance coverage to students who are enrolled and regularly attending classes at the college or university where they are employed.

The Student Employment staff is a valuable resource for you whether you are just beginning your job hunt or you are currently employed by the Library. If you ever have questions or problems concerning your job with the Library, don't hesitate to stop by 110 Doe or email us at

This section details many aspects of student employment and recruitment at the Library, including:

Student and graduate student pay rates How to post student jobs Non-enrolled student workers Student shifts during finals and holidays

If you have any questions regarding student recruitment, please contact our Student Recruitment Coordinator