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The Library may pay for institutional memberships in organizations, excluding social organizations, if a genuine business purpose can be established. Requests for individual or personal membership may only be submitted by Librarians with LAUC-B funding.

To request payment of an institutional membership:

The Library's petty cash account is used to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket purchases of low-value supplies and services. Requesting petty cash is only an option in the case of emergency purchases, or if it is not possible to proccess the purchase through Library Purchasing. The expenses must be authorized by the Unit Head and meet the same eligibility requirements as other Low-Value Purchase Order (LVPO) or bluCard purchases. Expenses must be appropriate for the fund and chartstring to be charged.

The UC Berkeley Ergonomics Program, provided by University Health Services, promotes a healthy, safe, and efficient workplace for faculty and staff. Good posture, along with effective ergonomics design, can reduce and prevent the human and financial costs of injuries related to ergonomics hazards.

The following services are available through Library Purchasing:

  • Invoice payments
  • Reconciliation of procurement card activity: updates and adjustments to chart strings and taxes in BFS
  • Handle maintenance agreements, renewals, and payments
  • Leases: renewals and payments
  • Blanket purchase orders
  • Purchasing: office equipment, furniture, and general office supplies
  • Maintain inventory of purchased equipment
  • Business card orders

Please note that Library Purchasing only handles phone service. For Internet/Data connections, please contact the Library IT Help Desk by submitting a Help Desk ticket. For any requests regarding Skype, please submit a Help Desk ticket.

Fax Options

  • Send and receive faxes electronically with your PC. (This service is currently only for Windows users.)
  • Share your fax service with other Cal Voicemail users. (You decide the access level for each user.)
  • Get faxes sent directly to your individual email account.
    • Simple to use software lets you manage and archive faxes into folders, create a custom coversheet, and send faxes with ease.

Demos for sending and receiving fax

    BearBuy is a web-based system for purchasing goods and services on campus. It is a single online marketplace where Library staff go to shop and where Unit Heads and AULs/Directors can review and authorize these purchases online. In Bearbuy, Library users can shop using:

    1. Hosted-Catalog Suppliers, which provide contract products and pricing via an electronic catalog
    2. Punch-out Catalog Suppliers, which have the connection on their website, but are branded for UCB and use UCB contract pricing
    3. Non-Hosted Catalog and Non-Punch-out Suppliers with Bearbuy Forms

    When you shop and create a cart (order) in Bearbuy, please make sure to enter the correct Org. Node that is tied to your department Org. Code (Department ID).

    For orders on the Library Supply Master List and Library Toner List, please enter Org. Node: KRCFO

    Please refer to the Org. Node list below to determine the correct Org. Node for your department. You can set up a frequently used Org. Node list by following the job aid below.

    Library Unit Heads and AULs/Directors will approve the purchases that are ordered through BearBuy and charged to unit funds (not central funds) via email.