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Stocked supplies are purchased by Library Purchasing for in-house use. Below is the list of supplies available, which includes a description of each item and its item number. To order, please send an email to

Note: these items are available for pick up at 242 Moffitt or through department mail.

The Procurement Card Transaction Report (PCTR) in the Berkeley Reporting Portal (BAIRS) has replaced the Verification Statements previously sent out by email. The PCTR is available in the Procurement folder within Financial Reports in BAIRS.

If you do not have access to Financial Reports in BAIRS, you may send your request to the Library Chief Financial Officer.

We understand the difficulty in keeping track of all records, but we ask for your help in the implementation of procedures in order to maintain Procurement Card standards for auditing purposes. Please take the time to thoroughly read through the following and acquaint yourself with the procedures listed. Find more information about procedures in the guide "How the system works." If you have any questions, please feel free to call Purchasing at 643-1911 or 643-1832.

All free-standing furniture orders are processed by the Library Purchasing Office. Please submit a completed Library Order Request Form with the appropriate signatures and chart string information to 110 Doe. For any questions, please contact Lynn Tran at 643-1832 or

All orders involving Space Planning are handled through the Library Space Planning department. Please contact Sukhjit Johal at 642-5154 or email him at

To order business cards, please go online to UC Storefront and follow the steps below to fill out the card order.

Below is a list of goods and services that require specific purchasing procedures. Click on an item for more information on how to proceed with a purchase.

To add new vendors or revise current vendor information in the BFS Vendor Database, information is processed by the Accounting Specialist at Library Business Services in coordination with the Vendoring Unit in Procurement Services.

Library Business Services (LBS) provides administrative support and oversight for grants awarded to UC Berkeley Library Principal Investigators (PIs). The mission of the LBS staff is to facilitate the administrative side of grant funding, so that PIs can focus on the research itself with assurance that the bureaucratic side is well managed.

If you have a project (either individual or collaborative) within the Library for which you are seeking outside funding, contact Meilin Huang, Kris Leonardo, and/or Elise Woods in Library Business Services (LBS) for assistance with the following:

  • Identifying potential funding sources
  • Making preliminary inquiries to these sources
  • Preparing a proposal and budget
  • Reviewing award documents and agreements for account set-up
  • Working with PIs on development of proposal budgets

The LBS staff managing the financial accounting for Contracts and Grants will: