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The Copy Center is located on the third floor of the Moffitt Library. It is operated in partnership with UCSF Documents & Media and offers a variety of printing services to Library patrons, students, and staff. Library staff can receive great discounted service requests through MOU with UCSF Documents, Media and Mail services. The Copy Center also provides the convenient option of placing orders and uploading files directly online!

Library Business Services (LBS) supports the financial operations of the University Library, including purchases, payments, and reimbursements. LBS also provides erognomic evaluations to ensure healthy workstations for Library employees. For general questions, please contact LBS.

The Library Design Office plans and coordinates new building projects, construction renovations and relocations, furniture and shelving orders and repairs, as well as signage and exhibits. Our services are available for all University Library units. We can also provide assistance with security planning, analysis of heating, air conditioning, and other environmental problems, fire safety and building code issues, energy usage, keying plans, as well as floor plans and data about Library spaces.

This section includes information on funding business trips and professional development activity. Professional development activities include workshops, conferences, classes, webinars, etc. Requests for membership funding may only be submitted by Librarians with LAUC-B funding.

If you are not requesting funding from the University, either by direct bill or reimbursement, you are not required to complete a Travel Request form. Please handle leave requests with your supervisor via email.

Campus Retirement Gifts

Retiring non-academic staff members and their supervisors should contact Library Human Resources for information about their campus retirement gift. Campus retirement gift requests must be submitted at least six weeks in advance to be completed by the retirement date. According to UC policy, academic employees are not eligible to receive University retirement gifts.

If you need to make a payment for a business purpose other than travel or entertainment, such as an honorarium to a visiting speaker, please complete a Check Request Form and submit it to LBS for processing.

Libray policy regarding check requests:


Library Security Services is responsible for maintaining a safe environment for the public, academic community, and staff, as well as the collections within Doe Library, the Doe Annex (Bancroft Library), and Moffitt Library. Security staff enforce campus and Library codes of conduct, policies, and California laws to ensure the physical protection of both library staff and patrons during open hours and special events. Library Security Services is also responsible for protecting the building, its contents, and its immediate surroundings.

Library Facilities maintains the Doe Moffitt Library complex. This includes building maintenance, emergency management, and pest control. It works closely with the campus Physical Plant department. All building problems should be reported to, and arrangements will be made for the necessary action.

Library Facilities Office
106A Doe Library
(510) 812-0209